Darin McLeod
General Manager

Darin is the General Manager of all Ens Auto Divisions. He has worked for Ens Motors Ltd. for many years and strives to make it a better place each and every day!

Kyle Robinson
Sales Manager

Kyle is the Ens Industrial go-to guy when it comes to the technical stuff. He has been with Ens for over seven years, starting in the shop with a well-rounded understanding of all areas within Ens Industrial.

He knows the products, the team & is able to get the job done quickly and effectively!

Keith Bertrand
Justin Dahlen
Parts Manager

As a member of ENS Toyota, Justin Dahlen is an integral part of what makes the company work, both for our clients and for their contributions to our unique and inviting culture.

Justin Hunt
Marketing Manager

Justin has been with the Ens Auto family for a combined total of nearly ten years. He is responsible for all marketing and promotional materials for Ens Industrial. 

Natasha Bishop
Office Administrator
Clark Belyk
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mark Koback
Industrial Parts Advisor

Mark is our seasoned veteran in the Industrial parts division. He's seen it all, and likely has the answers to questions you haven't even asked yet! If you're looking for Industrial Parts, Mark is your go-to guy!

Devon Downing
Industrial Parts Advisor

Devin knows his stuff, specifically, he knows his Landcruiser parts. He is a critical part of what makes Ens Industrials parts department a well-oiled machine, and has the answers to any and all questions you have!

Bob Harder
Shop Technician
Grant Nordlee
Shop Technician & Welder
Nathan Street
Apprentice Heavy Duty Mechanic
Stuart Hallborg
Journeyman Automotive Mechanic
Ken McLaren
Kohl Kitter